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February 23, 2011


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This tyrant must go. 29 years in office is greeeeed. Enough is enough!


the is time for everything, i think is time for Cameroonians to come out in one voice and say a big No to Mr Biya and his regime. For he and he regime have killed alot armless protesters. Biya Must Go.


We need to wipe out these vampires that claim to serve Cameroon.

Dr A A Agbormbai

It is appearing that, in the end, we shall have to send some foreign troops into that Cameroon.

For now, the people should carry on with the revolution. We are feeling every inch of their pain, and they will be well rewarded when this is all over.

The bottom line is that PAUL BIYA WILL GO!!!

Once more, I appeal to the Cameroonian security forces and military to side with the people and abandon that villain Paul Biya and his blood sucking cronies.

This appeal extends to all, including his Beti commanders and soldiers as well as to those from his village.

Don't wait until it is too late, or the consequences on you will be astronomical. The more you delay the more you push us to send crack foreign troops into that country to take you, Paul Biya, and his cronies out.

And remember, you - the Cameroonian military - have never fought a war against any military. You don't want to face these crack foreign forces, or it will be a one-sided blood bath amongst your lot. Now, you think carefully about that!

Gan Charles

I applaud the woman in these pictures. Someone has to stand up to the regime. However, the sight is disturbing. Where is the crowd? Where are the masses? I see a lone woman being brutalized while a few people look on. This is why I still believe that what is happening in northern Africa will not happen in Cameroon. You need the masses to overwhelm the security forces baring an armed insurgency. You need the masses to be determined and committed to protest to the last person.
When this happens, then at some point the security forces will be overcome by the shear determination of the population. Isolated and scattered protests is not effective and will be dispatched with less effort by the goons.
As I said before, Cameroon is too heterogeneous a society with too many factions and disparate interests at play to effectively mount the kind of mass and sustained protest that is need to bring down a regime. There is not the cohesion that binds the Arabs for example and it is unfortunate.
Many of the opposition leaders are viewed with suspicion even by some of those in their own party. They do not have the credibility necessary to summon the population. I am sure some view the Kah Walla woman as an opportunist and not willing to give her support.
The government continues to take advantage of this flaw in the society.
Until we believe that what happens to someone in Maroua or Younde or Bertoua or Douala or Lime or Kumba or Mamfe or Bamenda or anywhere else in Cameroon affects all and their cause is our cause, only then will Cameroon be ready for the kind of effort and commitment and trust necessary to win this fight.


@ Gan Charles,

That is exactly why I have been lukewarm over this issue of a popular uprising. I applaud Kah Walla for leading from the front and standing by her convictions, but from the photos she really looks isolated. I hope her followers don`t let her down.


Wuna go stat follow. wuside wuna b de during d strike. wuna know only 4shidon climat offices write comments, tif & chop ndoh, while luring others in2 death. c, we b don wise.
PAUL BIYA WILL GO!!! MY FOOT. GO STAT d fight, i di cam.




youth or whatever you call yourself, you are an idiot and if you have nothing to say on this forum then you better zip it. where were you during the famous uprisings of the 90S and the recent 2008.I quess you were hidding your chichen head under your bed.If these pictures have anything to teach us,it is the power of togetherness and the common enemy is Mr Biya and his thugs.The torture that these people have endure should not go in vain."u can run but you can not hide".Let the world see the real Biya.


kah walla souffre le martyr...


Cameroonians, it is not about passion or emotion, but about reason. Take your time to study the imagery produced in this report and see whether there are any identifiable trends that may indicate bias. The person beaten with batons is a man not a woman. Thus is is not Kah Walla.
Secondly, it is the police not the military... ...

Fonba Bondi

These guys have just touched on the wrong button. The date of Feb 23 was just an indication, but the real thing is on. Can u imagine Fru Ndi declaring in Ngaoundere that he is not out for Biya Must Go! Kah Walla, Mboua Massock et al, we are all with you. Atanga Nji Paul is after the Cameroon O'Bosso leader in Bamenda and the Publisher of Political Punch and The Telegraph.
Something MUST happen...even if it means cutting throats. We are fade up!!!


Shame to Paul Biya!!!!!!!!!!!
He will soon die like mad dog!!!!
MBIDA NKILI is a killer.........

Polycarp Ndikvu

we have watch Biya change the constitution and created ELECAM singlehandedly. We are now waiting for him to declare his candidature. Change of constitution plus creation of ELECAM , then declaration of intention to stand as candidate in the forthcoming election is declaration of chaos


The revolution will not be televised on State TV.KAH is the real heroine of cameroon and Africa today. the revolution should be named after her. she has started the process of conquering fear. she needs our support and prayers. that support is for all of us in our own small way make a commitment to the movement and fight for freedom.All hands are needed on board. we should volunteer our services. Medical doctors, teachers etc to this cause.
those who can assist financially, please donate in cash or in kind to this struggle. food and water are needed. tee shirts are needed.medicines and ambulances are needed. we should start from our villages, any where we have BIYA represenatives should be picketted. we should not wait for douala only. those at eyumojork, akwaya, Toko, Ndop, nkambe , tombel, all over the nation, rally and march to the ofice of the Prefet and remain there until he renouces paul biya. dont destroy anything.let us be peaceful. let us keep virgil in all these places and sing and cry for freedom. l cant smell it, l can see it coming and it is almost here. but we must fight for it..Cameroon OBOSSO

Martin Douala

Kah Walla's passion for what she believes in is so great that I am moved. On the contrary, Paul Biya instructs his troops to kill. The day of reckoning is near for the lack lustre Despot. God is Great. CRTV and SOPECAM are hollow organizations. Longlive the People of Cameroon.

Gan Charles

Dr. Agbombai - Where will the "crack foreign forces" you speak of come to liberate Cameroon? I have searched the web and with the exeption of this blog have not seen anything written on the February 23 protest. Even France 24 does not no have amention of it. So who is on the Cameroonians side? No one, that who.
The opposition should have learned from the ANC and setup an armed wing from the go. They should have been savvy enough to know that countries in Africa pay lip service to their constitutions which they change at will. Peaceful negotiations with an autocratic regime is an illusion.
Are Cameroonians better off now linving with this indignity than to die fighting for what has been stolen from them? This degree of humiliation is worse than death - you live it every day, it eats at you, your oppressor keeps rubbing it in at every turn of your life - with corruption - demanding bribes for services you have already paid for - restriction of civil liberties - pilfrage of state funds, there is no escape , you are trapped. You see them living large from the fruits of your labour and your inheritance. You and your children have no future. You wake up each day and pray for something to happen to change your life for the better or for someone to swoop down and punnish the evil doers. You remember the story of Job. Oh well, you will suffer like Job, isn't that what the bible says? The bible also teaches us to turn the other cheek, doesn't it? Ask yourself this questions: aren't your oppressors reading the same verses in of the scriptures.
Wake up folks and take the bull by the horns.


please comrades, i don't think it's right to incite people to sing Biya must go here in the Country, have you seen the suffering in Lybia, Eygpt, Tunisia, Bahrain, just to name a few, cam you people come home and let's sing this song together. Actually what is wrong with cameroonians in cameroon is that, there is nobody to lead this choir. If you really know you can help cameroonians from this mess of Biya, then come home and let's all do this, just know that we don't don't just have to go out there without even knowing who we will march with, we need someone who will stand lead a crowd and say, enough is enough. if we are dying here, you will only have pictures as above, but you will not do anything, and am aware you will only come home when it is over. thats when you will rip where you did not sow.

Gan Charles

zhang - You are asuming that everyone writing on this blog is outside of Cameroon. You are wrong! We do have "leaders" in the opposition who can rally people. You know why Walla was left out to dry? Disagreements. Because she parted with SDF, I she was not supported eventhough she is fighting for the same cause. I will not come out to lead if I do not have the ability to defend myself or my fellow protesters and when I know people like you question my commitment. The time is past to be sitting ducks and get killed. If I were convinced that people like you will continue the protest if I lost my life or got mamed, I will be the first one out there. But from your views you have already concluded that I cannot be trusted. It is assumptions like yours that is derailling the movement to reomove this regime from power.


Protest finally come to Camroun, where it should have started. But the will of the Camerounians in mass is the only way that bully called Biya must go like others in north Africa, who thought there were indespensable. I am not Camerounian, but I feel the pain for you guys, so mobolize the crowd in large numbers, the security can shoot but so many before they take their seat as Egyptian police did.. When it started in Egypt, it seemed like Mubarak will not go, but the numbers made it happen. Do not be afraid, because, if this is done half way, that bully will crackdown on the few. Go Cameroun Go!!!!!


Bla bla bla, Kaî walaî is nothing but a real trator, a real opportunist. Cameroonians stay in your houses, dont respect these guys. EGYPT IS NOT CAMEROON AND SHALLL NEVER BE


Cameroonians have accpeted their faith and have decided to live in poverty and misery.What a Shame

Awah Anyere Moma

My brothers we must describe things as they are. In as much as I do not accept the ill treatment of any citizen I would like to see some professionalism in our reporting. The person being beaten is not Kah Walla. She was shoved and pushed unto the pavement for water boarding thats what the pics and video show not as in the headlines. The harder the battle the more glorious the victory becomes. Long live Cameroon

Mongombe Esuka

hahahahaha, it's too bad to fake anger. That's what is happening in cameroon. We are not yet angry to that level for a successfull and long term protest. let's wait and eat our pear when it's ripe, so we can enjoy it.

Mongombe Esuka

Biya's Killer

Biya u old morder fucker"""..just with....this yr i will personally KILL you Tiffman.... Nyamfuka

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